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Notice that the competition takes place in another building of our faculty, not in the building where the competition took place in previous years. The address is Chittussiho 10, Ostrava.

If you arrive by train at Ostrava–hlavní nádraží (Ostrava–Main Station), take trolleybus 106 or 108 and go to the stop Revírní bratrská pokladna (11th, resp. 9th stop, approximately 15 minutes). Then go back to the roundabout and you will see the faculty building just in front of you - the yellow building.

To get back to the Ostrava-Main Station, take trolleybuses 106 or 108 as well. But check that you stay at the correct bus stop - each trolleybus stops at different place.

If you get off at the railway station Ostrava–Svinov, go to the bridge which is located 300m to the north from the railway station. Go to the tram stop in the dirrection to the city centre. Take the tram number 4 or 8 and go to the stop Náměstí republiky (8th stop, approximately 15 minutes). Use the underpass and go northwest to the trolleybus stop. Take the trolleybus 104 and go to the stop Revírní bratrská pokladna (7th stop, approximately 15 minutes).

To use the public transport of the City of Ostrava, you have to buy a ticket. However, paper tickets are no longer available, an electronic ticket is needed for travel.

How to buy an electronic ticket?

First option is to buy a ticket using your contactless debit/credit card directly inside the bus/tram/trolleybus at check-in terminals (yellow machines are located close to the doors, menu can be switched into English). Just place your card on the green symbol on the machine and wait until the notice "You have a valid ticket" shows on the screen. If you get off the bus/tram/trolleybus, just place the card on the green symbol again to sign out. 

This system is smart and it checks the length of travel and thus the proper price on its own. However, if you travel several times during the day, maximal price to pay in total is the price of a 24-hour ticket. 

Second option is to buy a "credit ticket". It is actually a prepaid plastic card (100 CZK, 200 CZK,…) which can be bought at ticket machines (both cash and cards are accepted) or at Ostrava public transport information centres. You can also add credit to your card both in machines and offices. This ticket is then used in the same way as the contactless debit/credit card. 

In both options, if you change the tram/bus/trolleybus, you have to place the card again when boarding. 

Ticket price:

  • 10-minute ticket (CZK 23), 
  • 60-minute ticket (CZK 30), 
  • 24-hour ticket (CZK 100) – for one person, 
  • 24-hour ticket (CZK 200) – for group (max 5 person) 
  • 3-day ticket (CZK 250) 

If you use the bus or trolleybus in the night (from 20:00 till 4:00), you can get on through the front door only and you have to buy or use your ticket as it was written above. This does not apply to the tram.

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