The registration can be done only by a Delegate (if you have an account from the previous year just log in).

The Delegate needs to:

  1. have an account at this website: please register here
  2. be confirmed by the Webmaster to have Delegate privileges; you obtain an email after that please ask the Webmaster to manage it

If you are a participant (student) without a delegate (teacher), please register too and ask the webmaster for Student (without Delegate) privileges anyway. Then you will be able to register your university and yourself for the 31st Competition.

When you obtain Delegate privileges you can then do the Registration for the 31st Vojtěch Jarník International Mathematical Competition.

Firstly you need to register your university:

Registration of the university (Deadline: 5th April 2024)

and then you can register your participants and yourself:

Registration of the participant (Deadline: 5th April 2024); Don't forget to register everybody who will come, e.g. delegate as well)

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