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Glossary for interactive map:

A – Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Registration
Z – The ZOO
L – Plenary Lecture, Science and Technology Centre
J – Janáčkova konzervatoř
T – City transport stops: tram stop Důl Jindřich, tram stop Stodolní, trolley stop Husův sad
S – Railway stations: Ostrava – Main Station, Ostrava – Svinov, Ostrava – Střed
H – Hotels: Hotel Maria, Hotel Vista, Hotel Areal, Hotel DMH, Ubytovna Pod Mostem, Koleje VŠB-TU Ostrava - Poruba, Hotel Veronika, Hotel Imperial, Park Inn Ostrava Hotel, Mercure
P – Mošnov Airport

City transport

Connection search

If you arrive by train at Ostrava–hlavní nádraží (Ostrava–Main Station), take any tram (no. 1, 2 or 8) and go to the tram stop Důl Jindřich (4th tram stop, approx. 6 minutes). Go on to the crossing and turn left to the 30. dubna street. The faculty is the next building behind the "Red School" (a red building) on the right–hand side. The address is 30. dubna 22. You should read: "Ostravská univerzita, Přírodovědecká fakulta".

If you get off at the railway station Ostrava–Svinov, take the tram number 8 or 9 and go to the stop Důl Jindřich (11th tram stop, approx. 20 minutes). Go back to the crossing, turn left to the 30. dubna street and come to the faculty.

To use the public transport of the City of Ostrava, you have to buy a ticket. Tickets are valid for a certain amount of time. There are several kinds:

  • 10-minute ticket (CZK 16),
  • 30-minute ticket (CZK 20),
  • 60-minute ticket (CZK 30),
  • 24-hour ticket (CZK 80) - for one person,
  • 24-hour ticket (CZK 200) - for group (max 5 person).

The ticket is to be stamped as soon as you get on the vehicle (bus, tram or trolleybus). The ticket is valid for the given amount of time. The ticket remains valid even if you get off and change the line (the ticket is not to be stamped for the second time), but you must not exceed the time limit.

If you use the bus or trolleybus in the night (from 20:00 till 4:00), you can get on through the front door only and you have to show your ticket to the driver (or stamp it immediately). This does not apply to the tram.

There are many ticket vendor machines around Ostrava where tickets can be bought. Tickets can even be bought at the railway station (Ostrava–Main Station, Ostrava–Svinov) at the cash desk — this is handy if you arrive to Ostrava by train. Tickets are also sold at the tobacconist's.

Also you can buy your ticket inside the tram / bus / trolleybus using contactless credit / debit card. More information see HERE.

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